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Rockets will experiment with Dwight Howard at power forward, Omer Asik at center

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Rockets GM Daryl Morey revealed on Reddit a surprising idea for the team's front court.

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Rockets head coach Kevin McHale will experiment with a lineup of Omer Asik at center and Dwight Howard at power forward, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said during an AMA on Reddit.

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The notion is an interesting one, to say the least. It would no doubt be one of the best defensive front courts in the league, if not the best. The concern would be offensively, where neither player is much of a weapon away from the basket.

For the lineup to work, presumably the other three players on the floor would have to be adept three-point shooters. That may mean James Harden running the point with Chandler Parsons and perhaps Omri Casspi, a career 35 percent three-point shooter, on the wings. It could also mean Jeremy Lin at the point with Harden and Parsons, with the Rockets praying Lin significantly improves his three-point shot.

Expect to see this lineup in a few preseason games and possibly in the regular season if it performs well.

Other highlights from the AMA: Morey and Bobcats GM Rich Cho are the best ping pong players in league front offices; Luis Scola used to play Basketball-GM on the team plane; he loves genital questions:


In fairness to Morey, he was making fun of a previous question. Still funny.

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