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The worst movies to motivate NBA teams

Jason Kidd wants to use The Matrix to motivate the Nets. We have a few ideas of our own for around the league.


Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd is apparently a very big fan of The Matrix and intends to use the plot of the movie to "motivate" his team, according to an interview he gave to The Source.

The Matrix. A professional NBA coach. Kevin Garnett.

It immediately created a flurry on Twitter, with the lead-off hitter as SB Nation's very own Ben Swanson:

Kidd's bold proclamation led the SB Nation think tank to, well, think. Here's half the league linked to movies, because the Nets shouldn't be the only team hogging the league's Blockbuster card.

Boston Celtics: The Departed

The only question remaining is when Danny Ainge will catch Rajon Rondo in his apartment unexpectedly.

Chicago Bulls: Robocop 2

'Nuff said.


It ends with a heroic return and victory though, Chicago.

Dallas Mavericks: The Official Dallas Mavericks 2010-2011 Championship Season DVD

Oh, what was, and what never came to be.

Detroit Pistons: Panic Room

Without much space, the Pistons will somehow have to survive together while millions are at stake.

Houston Rockets: Finding Nemo

Dwight Howard's favorite movie, and that opt-out is only a few years away, Houston.

Los Angeles Clippers: Freaky Friday

A superstar player in his prime, a big time coach swooping in, more stability than the team that shares the city and Staples Center as their home? The Los Angeles Clippers, everybody.

Los Angeles Lakers: Kazaam 2: The Quest for the Sixth Lamp

Wait that never happened.


Memphis Grizzlies: Grown Ups 2

Did you know: Zach Randolph was set to join the cast of Grown Ups 2, but ulitimately the casting director went with Kevin James.


Miami Heat: Arthur

If only for the Batman and Robin dress-up scene.

New Orleans Pelicans: The Birds

A lesson to Anthony Davis and his feathered teammates on how to play aggressive defense.

New York Knicks: I Know What You Did Last Summer

You traded for Andrea Bargnani using draft picks.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Thunderstruck

Because somebody has to watch it.

Philadelphia 76ers: Titanic

In SB Nation's collaborative power rankings, the 76ers ranked last. The ship is going down, cap'n.

Sacramento Kings: Sleepless in Seattle

Too soon?

San Antonio Spurs: While You Were Sleeping

The Spurs do everything right, so much so in fact that it's as if we fell in love with the organization while we were sleeping. Coach Pop probably dreams of Italy, right?

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