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'The Answer' retires: Looking back at Allen Iverson's most memorable moments

Five of Allen Iverson's greatest hits, featuring a monstrous putback slam, some killer crossovers and one crazy press conference.

Ethan Miller

The phrase "best pound-for-pound player ever" has often been used to describe Allen Iverson. At maybe 6-foot-nothin' and 165 pounds, Iverson played the game without fear, careening into the lane time and time again with no regard for the impending consequences. His crossover made fools out of even the NBA's best, allowing the diminutive gunner to get shots off many others couldn't.

Iverson wasn't the most efficient player in the world, and in this age of advanced stats, he may not have been as revered if he put up similar numbers today. Nevertheless, watching him do what he did at his size was something to behold each and every night, and his eccentric personality made it all the more fun. There certainly won't ever be anybody quite like Iverson again.

With Iverson officially hanging up his jersey, we wanted to take a look back and remember just what made "The Answer" so special. So without further ado, here are five of Iverson's greatest moments:

Monstrous putback dunk vs. Raptors

Remember, Iverson was barely 6'0, and that may have been generous. Not often do you see little dudes like that come flying out of nowhere for thunder putback slams over 7-footers.  But that's exactly what Iverson did on this ridiculous jam against the Toronto Raptors:


Yeah, that's Iverson going OVER Marcus Camby, with extra bonus points for the rim hang. And how about those Raptors jerseys?!

The crossover, step-back and step-over of Tyronn Lue

In the 2000-01 season, Iverson led a gritty Philadelphia 76ers team to 56 wins and the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. After averaging 31.4 points throughout the regular season and earning MVP honors, Iverson turned the playoffs into his own shooting party, taking a whopping 30 shots per game.

Iverson took the Sixers all the way to the NBA Finals to face the Los Angeles Lakers, and in a shocking Game 1 overtime victory, he did Tyronn Lue real good:


The Sixers went on to lose the next four games, but that play remains one of the most memorable of the series.

Antonio Daniels gets double-crossed

It's bad enough to have one of your ankles broken by a crossover, but both on the same play?:

You just have to feel bad for the guy at that point.

A.I. crosses M.J.

Michael Jordan was one of the best perimeter defenders of all-time, but not even he was immune to the Iverson crossover:


It's one thing when you cross Tyronn Lue and Antonio Daniels, but when you cross the G.O.A.T, it's on a whole other level.

'We talkin' about practice, man'

A press conference that lives in infamy. By the end of the rant, the entire press room is laughing as Iverson repeats essentially the same thing over and over again after being asked a question about practice:

We'll miss you, Allen Iverson.