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NBA Commissioner for a day: What SB Nation's writers would do to improve the game

SB Nation's NBA bloggers are an opinionated bunch who spend a great deal of time thinking and writing about the best professional sports league on the planet. We asked them to share their ideas on how to make the NBA even better.

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As you might imagine with a project like the NBA Commissioner For A Day series, SB Nation's writers came up with a ton of great ideas. Some of them are predictably self-interested, like our Seattle guys at Sonics Rising who (shockingly!) would bring the Sonics back to the Emerald City. Some of pretty far outside like box, like one idea to award seven points for each bucket scored in the final 10 seconds of play (only to the team this site covers).

There was a lot of emphasis on expansion and fixing the injustice done by the league to Seattle, and plenty of talk about on-court rules changes. The most common themes from our Blogger Commissioners, however, address the way young players enter the league and are developed.

Here's a link to all articles with a summary index below:

Silver Screen and Roll wants to level the salary playing field by eliminating the disparities in state income tax levels that gives teams in some states (Texas and Florida) a built-in advantage.

SLC Dunk would radically expand and realign the NBA, putting teams into Europe, and also wants to make the court bigger to account for additional players bigger and faster players.

Grizzly Bear Blues wants to both streamline the instant replay process while also awarding the Memphis Grizzlies seven points for each bucket scored in the final 10 seconds of play.

Ridiculous Upside, our D-league-centric site, would unsurprisingly expand the NBA's "minor league" so that each team had its own affiliate.

Sonics Rising would, of course, expand the NBA and bring the Sonics back to Seattle, but would also put an expansion team back in Vancouver. Then, they go on to "fix" the playoff system.

Sactown Royalty graciously comes out of the fight to keep their team with a plan to put the Sonics back in Seattle, while also fixing the way arenas get financed.

Mavs Moneyball tackles a range of issues from minor rule changes, like offensive goaltending, to expansion and on to a plan to eliminate the NBA Draft.

Golden State of Mind looks at how the NBA schedule and playoff system can be tweaked to improve and encourage rivalries.

Bullets Forever takes a holistic approach to improving the NBA, with changes to everything from player salaries to the All-Star Game structure.

The Dream Shake wants to change how "max" salary contracts are calculated and doled out.

Blazer's Edge may have let the pretend power get to their heads with ideas like "buy a new suit" and "tell 'Sheed balls lie."

Raptors HQ would take the huge step of cutting the regular season down to 58 games, along with some other ideas.

Brew Hoop also would cut the regular season, but additionally wants to implement a hard cap and fix tanking.

Clips Nation attacks a bevy of issues, including rules changes and the structure of the league.

Pounding the Rock wants to improve officiating with an eye toward solving the "star treatment" problem.

Denver Stiffs goes after expansion and various other rules, but also solves the vexing problem of horrible team nicknames.

Celtics Blog wants to expand NBA roster sizes.

Canis Hoopus takes on the NBA Draft Lottery and tanking while also going after some aspects of the salary-cap structure.

Peachtree Hoops follows a theme on NBA Theme Day by putting a team back in Seattle, adopting the FIBA goaltending rules and improving the D-league.

Indy Cornrows wants the "Jazz" to be back in New Orleans and also would address tanking with a Draft Lottery tournament.

Nets Daily wants to outlaw Travis Outlaw and relax the pregame dress code for players.

Welcome to Loud City has a ton of ideas, like eliminating sponsor ads on uniforms, courts and limits them in arenas while also apparently painting Derek Fisher's face red.

Hot Hot Hoops looks hard at officiating (and Joey Crawford!) and also has a neat idea to give players an extra foul in overtime.

Fear the Sword has a three-part plan to fix the NBA: Eliminate the age limit; Shorten the season; and get rid of "hack-a-Shaq".

Rufus on Fire suggests a lot of rule changes including nixing the restricted area.

Bright Side of the Sun wants to fix the lottery, the all-star game, and instant replay.

Liberty Ballers would give "inflatable mascots for all" and ironically, would tackle tanking.

What would you do if you were named NBA commissioner for a day?

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