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VIDEO: Why helping one pass away is a bad defensive strategy

Help defense is a big part of defending in the NBA, but over-committing one pass away can have huge consequences.

A lot of basketball fans haven't undergone the coaching to understand some of the rudimentary basics of the game. Luckily for them, though, Coach Nick returned with another video to help explain a common mistake when it comes to help defense.

Nick released a video on Monday titled "Secrets of NBA Defenses: Helping One Pass Away" and, as the title suggests, he breaks down how it can actually hurt if players don't help the right way.

There are a few interesting clips in the video that explain exactly why completely committing to helping off shooters near the passer is problematic. When done the right way, however -- a quick jab to make it look like the driver's lane has been closed before closing out on the pass -- helping one pass away isn't quite as problematic.

It should be self-explanatory to not over-commit on the drive while leaving a shooter open on the win. Far too often, it isn't.

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