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How the Spurs use 'The Loop' to free space for Tony Parker

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Here's one way San Antonio gets creative to free up opportunities for Tony Parker.

Since leading the San Antonio Spurs to the NBA Finals last season, Tony Parker has increasingly been recognized as one of the game's best players. In this video from BBallBreakdown, we see how the crafty guard finds open space on the floor using a play called "The Loop."

As explained by coach Nick in the video, this offensive set ran by San Antonio specifically tailors to Parker's speed. Running the point guard around three consecutive screens across the floor, Parker often finds space at the elbow to either put pressure on the defense or simply deposit an easy jumper from midrange.

Considering Parker shot a highly efficient 44 percent on shots from 10-to-16 feet last season and continues to be fantastic at the rim, expect Gregg Popovich to keep calling this play next season despite its rarity. No other coach currently uses the set, according to the video, though former Spurs coaches Mike Budenholzer and Brett Brown -- now in Atlanta and Philadelphia, respectively -- could change that.

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