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DeMarcus Cousins lands a maximum extension with the Kings

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Four years, $62 million for the young big man.


A long-awaited and much-debated extension for DeMarcus Cousins has arrived. Jason Jones reports that the Sacramento Kings have agreed to a four-year, $62 million deal, the maximum amount Sacramento could offer their 23-year-old center.

The Kings had until Oct. 31 to tack an extension onto Cousins' rookie-scale contract, and new ownership determined some time ago that they'd make it a priority.

Despite the big man's defensive issues and a notoriously temperamental nature, the Kings regard Cousins as a unique enough talent to reward him as the centerpiece of the roster. Perhaps roping Shaquille O'Neal into the organization as a center-mentor as well as a minority owner could contribute somewhat to Cousins' maturation on and off the floor.

Cousins joins John Wall, Larry Sanders, and Paul George as members of the 2010 draft class to get extensions before the Halloween deadline.

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