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Podcast: Are the Toronto Raptors for real?

The Toronto Raptors have gone from tankers to division leaders since trading Rudy Gay, but that can't be the only reason for their turnaround, right? We talked to Eric Koreen to find out what's really going on north of the border.


We're back for more Drive & Kick action with the one and only Eric Koreen from the National Post to help us understand what's causing all this winning in Toronto. We also talked about our favorite indie band. Here's a rundown:

  • Seriously, it's not all Rudy Gay.
  • Toronto's developing core and whether it has staying power.
  • Is Kyle Lowry actually happy?
  • Masai Ujiri's master plan.
  • What Andrew Wiggins means to Canada.
  • The long-term future for coach Dwane Casey.
  • Will the Wrens ever finish a new album?

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