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Dennis Rodman's North Korea dream team roster is spectacular

The Worm has assembled his crack team of basketballers to face off against Kim Jong-Un's finest. It's as absurd as you'd expect.

Ronald Martinez

Nothing about Dennis Rodman has ever made sense, from his improbably great career to his off-court persona to his current role as self-appointed ambassador to North Korea. In that role, he agreed to bring an "All-Star team" of Americans to Pyongyang to play in an exhibition game against North Koreans for the pleasure of the dictator who reportedly just had his uncle fed alive to starving dogs.

Rodman's North Korea All-Stars have been assembled. Per the Associated Press they are:

* Kenny Anderson
* Vin Baker
* Cliff Robinson
* Doug Christie
* Charles D. Smith
* Craig Hodges

You may see that list and think "khbsrdfndf." You may see that list and think "what are these guys thinking?!" I see that list and think, "Hey, that's a good mix of shooting and defense. The Kim Jong-Un All-Stars are in for a tough game."

Hodges had to get a few days off of work for the trip. (He's a coach in Halifax.) Smith inexplicably tells the AP that he and Rodman "travel everywhere together." Charles Smith and Dennis Rodman. Travel together.

Baker, bless him, was last seen attending seminary, with hopes of becoming a pastor. Uncle Cliff has been rumored as a potential Survivor castaway. Christie, of course, was last seen announcing he and his famous wife would be producing instructional porn.

Friend of SB Nation Kenny Anderson says goodbye in his own way.

(Gonna be a looooong flight.)

It's too late to stop him, guys. It's too late.

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