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Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets unveil nickname jerseys

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Jesus Shuttlesworth? The Big Ticket? The Heat and Nets are set to wear nickname jerseys when they play Friday.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets are all set to wear "nickname" jerseys when they play on Jan. 10, and both teams have unveiled the nicknames players have chosen for the game. The Heat have gone the extra mile, creating a "microsite" promoting the "name collection," which you can find here. Here's a few of the notable jerseys that will debut riday:


So what names can we expect to see from Miami?

LeBron James - King James

Ray Allen - J. Shuttlesworth

Mario Chalmers - Rio

Dwyane Wade - D. Wade

Chris Bosh - CB

Udonis Haslem - UD

Michael Beasley - B-Easy

Norris Cole - Cole Train

Shane Battier - Battle

Roger Mason Jr. - MoneyMase

Chris Andersen - Birdman

Rashard Lewis - Sweet Lew

Greg Oden - G.O.

Joel Anthony - Doc

James Johnson - JJ

Some of these were expected -- like Kings James, Birdman and Rio, for example. Others are just awesome, like Ray Allen referencing Jesus Shuttlesworth from He Got Game. On the topic of that movie, Spike Lee and Allen have been talking "for months" about making a sequel to He Got Game. A big swing and a miss here? Dwyane Wade, who has gone by plenty of other monikers and somehow settled on D. Wade. What about Flash? What about "Three," the name he gave himself after his third title.

The Nets will feature a few classic nicknames as well but haven't unveiled their full roster:

Kevin Garnett - The Big Ticket

Paul Pierce - Truth

Deron Williams - D-Will (If he can play after spraining his left ankle and lacing up a walking boot)

Joe Johnson - JJ (not to be confused with "JJ" James Johnson)

Jason Terry - Jet

Miles Plumlee - Plums

Andrei Kirilenko - Кириленко

Both teams will wear the jerseys throughout the season.

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