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Dion Waiters talks trash by posting his own highlight video

The Cavaliers' guard won't ever stop going in. Nor should he.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Motivation through slights is the rage during NBA training camp. On the one hand, you have John Wall saving every criticism of his game into his phone. On another, you have DeMar DeRozan insisting that he needs negativity to prosper.

And then there's Dion Waiters. The Cavaliers guard kick-started a manufactured firestorm when he declared that it was "nonsense" to say the rival Wizards have a better backcourt. Many, including Wall, angrily fired back. Wall suggested Waiters can't talk because he hasn't made the playoffs and isn't really a starter anyway, which is exactly the kind of criticism Wall would store in his phone if directed at him.

Waiters' approach has been slightly different. First:

And then one day later, when that user didn't respond the way he hoped, Waiters took matters into his own hands:

Well, you see, actually buckets can lie. Sometimes, you can score a lot of points, but your teammates don't score enough to help and the other team scores more. (To be fair: that didn't happen in the video Waiters highlighted). Also, they make it sound like you can fill them all the way to the top with water, only to tip over when you try to lift them. (That's a pun. A bad one).

But because that's such an great quote, we had to do this.

dion waiters

Keep going in, Dion Waiters. Keep giving us that straight face when we joke that you could be an MVP candidate. It's not a joke to you, which makes it a joke to everyone else.