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Predict your favorite NBA team's record this season

We want to hear how you think your favorite team will fare this season. Fill out this survey and tell us.

Hello, dear readers. The 2014-15 NBA season is fast approaching, which means it's time to lay our chips on the table and make some bold prediction. To do so, we need your help with this simple exercise.

Above is a survey that asks you to fill out three simple categories:

1. Your favorite team

Yes, your favorite team. Not necessarily the team that you think you know best or whatever team is on your mind now. Your favorite team. If you don't have a favorite NBA team, but want to fill out the survey anyway, pick a team you plan to watch a lot this season instead.

2. The number of games your favorite team will win

Self-explanatory, right? To make this easier, just put the win number, not the full record. In other words: "45" instead of "45-37."

3. Conference ranking

Not division. Conference. So it should be a number for 1-15, not 1-5.


Easy, right? Thanks again for your participation.