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Thunder, Bucks also opposing lottery reform changes

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Sam Presti has joined 76ers GM Sam Hinkie as an outspoken critic against the fight for lottery reform. The Bucks are also reportedly opposing the measure.


The Philadelphia 76ers aren't the only team opposing the potential changes to the format of the NBA draft lottery. Sam Presti and the Oklahoma City Thunder have joined in on the fight by arguing the changes could have potentially devastating consequences for small market teams, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

Presti believes lottery reform will give big market teams one more advantage against small market clubs that already struggle to attract top talent via free agency or in trades. The proposed changes flatten the odds throughout the lottery, raising the chances a team that just missed the playoffs could jump up in the draft order while the worst team in the league can now fall all the way to seventh. Under the current system, the league's worst team is guaranteed to draft no lower than fourth.

The Milwaukee Bucks are also reportedly on board with the 76ers and Thunder, according to Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix.

Presti aligning himself with Philadelphia is interesting because he built the Thunder into one of the NBA's best teams through high draft picks after several down seasons. The Thunder -- then known as the Seattle Sonics -- won 30 games in 2007 and used the second pick in the draft to select reigning MVP Kevin Durant. The next year, the franchise won 20 games and took star point guard Russell Westbrook. The year after that, the Thunder won 23 games and took All-Star shooting guard James Harden.

Lottery reform has been triggered by the blatant tanking of the Philadelphia 76ers, a franchise that made little effort to win last season and appears to be even worse this year. The 76ers have drafted Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams, Joel Embiid and Dario Saric with their four lottery picks over the last two seasons, but GM Sam Hinkie doesn't see the rebuilding job as being over quite yet.

A vote on lottery form will be held Wednesday, with the proposed changes expected to go into effect immediately. Six more teams would have to allign themselves with Philadelphia and Oklahoma City in order to block the vote, and Wojnarowski reports that team officials do not believe it will happen. Lottery reform is coming, whether the 76ers and Thunder like it or not.