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Good morning. The Lakers have ended Charles Barkley's hunger strike.

That and much more in Monday's NBA newsletter.


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Good morning. Let's basketball.

OH MY GOODNESS: Carmelo Anthony's hat from Friday night. Lord help us.

SHOOTAROUND: Paul Flannery considered the state of the Raptors (atop the East) and Pacers (flirting with the bottom) in this week's Shootaround. Plus, the early season surprises, the week's best quotes and links and your Vine of the Week.

THE LAKERS WIN! THE LAKERS WIN! L.A. is on the board after beating up the Hornets. And then Ed Davis delivered a gut punch to professional hater Charles Barkley.

THE FINAL UNBEATEN GETS SMOKED: In the brutal carousel out West, the 5-0 Warriors got thrashed by Phoenix. There are no unbeaten teams left in the NBA.

KINGS IN THE EAST: The Raptors have sole possession of the No. 1 spot in the East and Ambassador Drake is clowning.

MEANWHILE ... The Sixers are ... trolling themselves?

MORE RECAPS: You can find all you need to know about Sunday's action at our NBA Scores hub. Also check out our big Friday and Saturday recaps if you missed action.

WEEEELP: Derrick Rose missed another game, this time due to sprained ankles. (Yes, plural.)

THE PEOPLE'S COMMISH: Howard Beck on whether Adam Silver's amiable disposition can prevent a work stoppage in 2017.

HEY! Check out top 2015 draft prospect Emmanuel Mudiay dropping a triple-double in China. Thanks to ONE World Sports for passing on the highlights.

DION: So there was a tempest in Cleveland when Dion Waiters missed pregame intros and the national anthem and a reporter had a direct quote saying it was due to Dion's Muslim faith, which doesn't even make sense. It turns out to have been a miscommunication that initially painted Waiters rather poorly in the eyes of many who think skipping the anthem is tantamount to praising Satan. I feel bad for him after this episode.

YOU KNOW? Steve Nash really should not have to explain to people that swinging a golf club and hiking are different than trying to defend Steph Curry and score on Chris Paul. Sheesh.

ALWAYS WORTH READING: Harvey Araton on the Knicks' struggles.

NEAT: J.O. Applegate is taking votes on his really cool weekly NBA illustration project.

HMM: Is LaMarcus Aldridge the best Blazer ever?

BITTERSWEET: A fan died at the Blazers' Thursday game -- you may remember a late stoppage while she was attended to and players looked on in shock. Portland honored her memory on Sunday in really sweet fashion. May she rest in peace.

MUCH BETTER THAN MEAN TWEETS: The Cavs read nice tweets about themselves.


HUH: Turns out coaching in Spain as an American is fairly onerous.

SEEMS IMPORTANT: Anthony Bennett had trouble seeing the coaches' signals on the sidelines last year. He has since gotten LASIK surgery.

AND FINALLY: Bob Ryan is actually the Greatest Of All-Time.

Happy Monday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.