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LeBron James won't let his kids play football

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The former high school football star says he won't allow his kids to play the sport, presumably because of its violent nature.

Ronald Martinez

LeBron James might have been a star football player in high school, but his children won't be. The Cavaliers star and one-time all state wide receiver told ESPN's Chris Broussard over the weekend that he doesn't t allow his sons to play football.

Broussard didn't elaborate on this tweet and so no reason as to why LeBron doesn't let his kids play football is provided. But the implication here is pretty clear: in LeBron's eyes, football is a dangerous sport, one that he doesn't want either of his two sons getting involved in.

James is not the first public person to take this stance. In January President Barack Obama said that, if he had sons, he would't let them play football, either.

LeBron played football until his senior year in high school; a broken wrist he suffered that summer took him off the football field and he never returned. In the three years before that, though, he caught 27 touchdown passes and amassed more than 1,900 receiving yards. He's also often joked about wanting to give playing in the NFL a shot and has been heavily involved with the Ohio State program. He's made appearances at Browns practices and games this year, too.