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Good morning. Jimmy Butler is on another level.

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That and more in Wednesday's NBA newsletter.


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Good morning. Let's basketball.

LAST NIGHT IN 41 SECONDS: Steph Curry (40 points) was so hot Miami put on shorts and drank mojitos. The Wizards burped one up to Jeff Teague and the Hawks. Big Cuz won Boogie Vs. Brow II and the MFing Kangz are (at least) 9-5. The Bucks pounded the Pistons to get above .500. Another WHAT IS JIMMY BUTLER Night was not enough for the Bulls in Denver.

MORE SCORES: Fuller tales from Tuesday's games can be found at our NBA Scores hub.

HOW DO YOU ENJOY YOUR SEAT, MR. HINRICH? It was a gift from Ty Lawson.

BASIC: The Cavaliers have been mediocre because LeBron has been mediocre.

TELL ME IF YOU'VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE: Derrick Rose leaves game due to hamstring tightness, does not return.

HAIL N8-DOGG: Another wonderful Nate Robinson celebration.

DO THEY HAVE STATUES IN GREECE? Can we call this crazy Bucks play the Giannis de Milo?

THE RETURN OF SHAWNE: How Shawne Williams swallowed his pride to get back into the NBA. Great piece by Tim Casey.

THE JIMMY BUTLER EXPERIENCE: Ben Golliver with a brilliant look at how Butler did it.

SLOWLY BUT SURELY: The Sixers are 0-14. They are not favored to win any individual remaining games.  So, how close are they to challenging the worst starts ever?

SURPRISE! Jeb Lund includes several NBA franchisees on his list of the worst owners in sports.

HOW THE MAVS SCORE SO WELL: Zach Lowe talks to Tyson Chandler about the incredible Dallas offense.

BRILLIANT: The Starters help you deal with Uncle Bob's hot sports takes on Thanksgiving.

THE TRUTH: I think we should get Paul Pierce to be the NBA's official Director of Hater Mode when he retires. Here he is talking s--- about the Cavaliers.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Here's what LeBron posted on Instagram in the wake of Ferguson.

Happy Wednesday. GMIB is off for the rest of the week, though you'll still be able to get your hoops fix at Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take care, friends.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.