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Will the Golden State Warriors ever lose?

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If Golden State gets by the Suns and the Spurs over the next two games, they could continue to stay undefeated for a while.

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At 5-0, the Golden State Warriors are the only undefeated team left in the NBA. Coach Steve Kerr has yet to lose an NBA game as the W's have mostly dominated their way to the team's first 5-0 start in 20 years.

Perhaps most impressive in their torrid start is the teams the Warriors have beaten. They've taken down the Kings, the Lakers, the Blazers, the Clippers and now the Rockets. Aside from the Lakers, those are good wins. With a game at Phoenix on Sunday night and against the Spurs on Tuesday, Golden State's opening seven games are no walk in the park.

But with the way Golden State is playing -- especially on the defensive end, where their 89.4 defensive rating is tops in the league -- 7-0 isn't inconceivable. And if that happens, it's not too far-fetched to think Golden State could be 17-0 when it faces the Pelicans on Dec. 4.

Parity rules the NBA, so Golden State could lose any of these games, but looking forward, we wonder when will the Dubs finally lose?

Nov. 9, at Suns

The Suns are coming off a tough loss to the Kings on Friday night. And with Golden State fresh off a huge win, this game has "letdown" written all over it for the W's. Golden State, however, should hold off a Suns team that has struggled with defense this season.

Nov. 11, Spurs

If the W's can win against the Spurs, the chances of them going undefeated in November skyrocket. However, this is the toughest game on the schedule. First off, it's the Spurs. Second, San Antonio doesn't have a marquee win this season. Coach Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan know to save it for the playoffs, but they might decide to let the rest of the NBA know they're still around in a big game against Golden State.

Nov. 13-21, Nets, Hornets, at Lakers, Jazz

To date, this stretch will be the easiest in terms of strength of schedule. Lance Stephenson and the Hornets have the ability to surprise, but Golden State outmatches each of these teams.

Nov. 23-Dec. 2, at Thunder, at Heat, at Magic, at Hornets, at Pistons, Magic

A five-game road trip closes out November for the Warriors, and the Thunder and Heat should be able to challenge them, but the Thunder will still be depleted and the Heat are a run-of-the-mill team in the East. Then Golden State gets the Magic, Hornets, Pistons and Magic again to close out the month. Those should be easy wins.

Dec. 4, Pelicans

Anthony Davis isn't from this earth, so it's easy to believe he and the Pelicans could end a 17-game winning streak. And if they don't? The rest of December is a crucible for the Warriors.

They'll face the Rockets -- perhaps Dwight Howard will be back -- on Dec. 10 and then go on the road for to face the Mavs, Pelicans and Grizzlies in a four-night span. They'll pick up a loss somewhere in there.

This could all be proved moot if the Suns beat the Warriors on Sunday night, but make no mistake about it, the W's upcoming schedule has all the makings for an historic start.