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Damian Lillard stuns the Thunder with game-tying three

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The Thunder led the Blazers by double digits late in the third quarter, but kept the door open. They had a two-point lead and the ball with six seconds remaining, but Russell Westbrook missed a free throw. They could still win if they stopped the Blazers and ... oh no.

That ... that was very easy. Almost as easy as when Damian Lillard beat the Rockets in last year's playoffs. You could forgive Blazers color commentator Mike Rice for forgetting where Oklahoma City is.

The Blazers went on to win in overtime. Afterwards, Lillard reminded the Thunder what time it was.


If you think Lillard's shot looked familiar, that's because it was a nearly identical replica to the dagger he hit against Houston in the playoffs last season.

Update: Check out a couple cool close-up angles from inside the arena!

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