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NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2014: John Wall puts stamp on East squad win

John Wall pleased the crowd with an epic dunk to end the competition as the Eastern Conference squad cruised to a win in the NBA All-Star Saturday Night marquee event.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

John Wall brought down the house with a double pump slam off an assist from Washington Wizards mascot G-Man that gave the judges no choice but to award the East squad with the NBA Slam Dunk Contest crown on All-Star Saturday Night.

In addition, Wall came away with the Dunker of the Night honor in part due to this finish that locked up the win:


Equally as entertaining as the dunk itself was the reaction:


Even with the entertainment value in Wall's celebration, the award for best presentation has to go to Ben McLemore, who put on a show featuring Shaquille O'Neal but lost to Wall:


The East swept the dunk contest, despite a strong effort from the West squad. Terrence Ross defeated Damian Lillard to set the tone with an assist from rapper Drake:


Paul George got the best of Harrison Barnes with perhaps the most difficult dunk of the night, despite needing all of his attempts to complete it.


The East nabbed a 3-0 win in the freestyle portion, which gave them the opportunity to choose the order of conference in the Battle Round. Though NBA legends Dominique Wilkins, Magic Johnson and Julius Erving unanimously agreed the East was better, the West wasn't without a few highlights of its own:


Apparently, his legs were fine after competing in two events. His teammate wasn't going to be outdone in the first round, either:


The story of the dunk contest will again be the contest itself and whether or not it belongs as the marquee event. The star power helped to enhance the event, and a few tweaks could make it worth staying up for next year.


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