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NBA All-Star Dunk Contest: Ben McLemore's 'Shaq-lemore' jam

Ben McLemore had maybe the best prop dunk of the contest, but the dunk itself left much to be desired.

The dunk contest is known for crazy props, silly presentations and often terrible ideas. Ben McLemore entered the court wearing the cape of a king flanked by Shaq and a member of the Shaqramento kingdom to proclaim the incoming dunk for his chance during the "battle" round. The great build-up was followed up by a mediocre dunk, but a solid finish.


The presentation and consistent theme? By far the most entertaining dunk of the night, it gets five DeAndres, if that's all that mattered.


But the dunk itself? Not very creative, and not better than his big jam from the freestyle round. For that, it shoots back down to 3.5 DeAndres.