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2014 NBA All-Star roster: LeBron James leads underdog Eastern Conference

The East has the best player in the world, but on paper, their roster doesn't stack up to the loaded West.

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It's tough to imagine a LeBron James-led team being an underdog, but that's exactly what his Eastern Conference All-Star team will be against an absolutely loaded Western Conference squad.

Frank Vogel's East team clearly has some top-end talent with players like James, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, but on paper, the bench group isn't nearly as strong as the West and is lacking in star power. The East reserves have a bunch of players who are a bit more unheralded, including first-time All-Stars John Wall, Paul Millsap and DeMar DeRozan.

But while the East may be lacking in overall talent, games aren't played on paper and anything can happen in an All-Star Game. Let's take a look at the full East roster.

Eastern Conference Starters

Guard: Kyrie Irving

Guard: Dwyane Wade

Forward: Paul George

Forward: LeBron James

Forward: Carmelo Anthony

James, George and Anthony were no-brainer selections as starters, even if Melo's New York Knicks are mired in a disaster of a season. Anthony is still having a great individual year, and he's completely deserving of his starting nod. It gets a little more murky when it comes to Wade, who has missed over a quarter of the year with various injuries and is currently battling a sore foot. Irving may also be viewed as a questionable starter selection because of the Cleveland Cavaliers' situation, but he should have a ton of success in the All-Star setting.

Eastern Conference Reserves

Sunday Shootaround

Guard: John Wall

Guard: DeMar DeRozan

Frontcourt: Paul Millsap

Frontcourt: Joakim Noah

Frontcourt: Roy Hibbert

Wild Card: Chris Bosh

Wild Card: Joe Johnson

Not exactly the flashiest group, although Wall should certainly provide some highlights with his speed and athleticism. Noah is sure to bring some fun to the action, and perhaps he tries to show off some of his point-center skills. And while Johnson was a highly debatable selection, "Joe Cool" could be a good option if the game is tight at the end. Also, there should probably be a drinking game revolving around the use of the word "verticality" when discussing Hibbert.


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