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Good morning, it's Jason Collins' historic NBA moment

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

IT'S ABOUT TIME: Jason Collins signed a 10-day contract with the Nets early Sunday ... and then played more than 10 minutes for Brooklyn in an evening win over the Lakers. He was a +8 with five fouls and one shot attempt, so yep: as Kevin Arnovitz wrote, same old Jason Collins.

Collins became the first openly gay player in the big four American team sports. He came out publicly last spring, but didn't sign with a team in the offseason. He's 34, and it remains to be seen whether the Nets will keep him for the balance of the season and playoffs.

NetsDaily wrote about why signing Collins was a basketball decision. Our friends at Outsports commended Collins for his patience. For his part, Collins said he wanted to focus on making an on-court impact, and not the history that came along with his contract. And every NBA player who gave a quote was positive.

SCORES GALORE: In addition to the Nets, the Wizards, Raptors and Heat each won in the East. The Clippers beat the Thunder (two straight losses), the Rockets nicked the Suns thanks to a late Patrick Beverley three, the Kings walloped the Nuggets and Kevin Love's 31 and 10 wasn't enough for the Wolves vs. the Blazers. Check out all of our team blog recaps.

THE HARD PART: Sam Hinkie has cut the Sixers to the bone. Now comes the hard part. Paul Flannery's awesome Sunday Shootaround leads with the Philadelphia project and tackles Indiana's big trade, too, plus all your standing features.

ICYMI: Flannery had Jake Appleman, author of Brooklyn Bounceon the Drive & Kick podcast last week to talk Nets.

GLORIOUS HUMAN TRICKS: Live on ABC, Jamal Crawford rattles off all 17 (!) head coaches he's had in his NBA career. Via r/nba.

BIG BABY IN L.A.: Woj reports that Glen Davis has chosen the Clippers, where he'll reunite with Doc Rivers. In doing so Big Baby snubs Kevin Garnett, who had been recruiting him to Brooklyn. KG will proceed to create a plump voodoo doll.

EGADS: Every time Tom Thibodeau laughs, a demon gets its pitchfork.

IS KOBE DONE?: The Lakers announced Kobe Bryant will be out at least three more weeks. That puts us at mid-March. The Lakers are in position for a prime draft pick. Is Kobe just going to sit for the rest of the year?

SPACE JAM 2: ELECTRIC BUGS-ALOO: There are rumors that Space Jam 2 is being developed for LeBron. Naturally, this upset folks who believe it should star Kobe. Space Jam Truthers, everybody.

ROOKIES AHOY: A quick check-in on the leaderboard for Rookie of the Year.

WOW: A reminder as to why we were all so excited about Thomas Robinson and, to a lesser extent, Will Barton.

TO THE BATCAVE?: What's next for Danny Granger?

JET GROUNDED: Jason Terry, traded to the Kings last week, isn't getting a buyout, but he isn't going to play either: he'll spend the rest of the season rehabbing his troubled knee in Dallas.

MAN: Even when LeBron's not playing, he's yelling at Mario Chalmers.

SPLITTING HAIRS:strong defense of the Tiago Splitter signing by J. Gomez at Pounding The Rock.

Happy Monday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.