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NBA 'Noche Latina' jerseys revealed

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The NBA schedule for several teams' Noche Latina was released, and yes, the teams involved will be wearing sleeves.

Leaks of the NBA's jersey designs to celebrate "Noche Latina" surfaced on Thursday, as did a schedule of seven March games in which six teams will wear the sleeved Adidas jerseys. The Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls will wear the alternate jerseys -- though they'll read Los Suns, Los Lakers, Los Bulls, Los Spurs, El Heat and Nueva York.

And as you'd expect at this point, any and all jerseys for special occasions will be of the sleeved variety.

For the most part, the jerseys retain their standard colorways, but the Suns do have a black alternate look that's new. Phoenix has three games in the specialized jerseys.

The schedule tips off Sunday, when the Bulls and Knicks play on ABC, the first of three nationally televised games that will include teams celebrating Latin Night.

Here's a look at the rest of the jerseys along with the schedule, courtesy of

Noche Latina schedule

March 2, Los Bulls vs. Nueva York (ABC)

March 6, El Heat vs. Los Spurs (TNT)

March 6, Thunder vs. Los Suns

March 9, Thunder vs. Los Lakers (ABC)

March 10, Los Suns vs. Clippers (NBATV)

March 19, Magic vs. Los Suns

March 23, Cavaliers vs. Nueva York