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How far can John Wall carry the Washington Wizards?

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Good times in the nation's capital these days as the Wizards are actually in playoff contention. Can they make a legit run this spring, and what's the long-range plan after this season. Michael Lee joins Paul Flannery on the Drive & Kick.

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Happy to have one of my favorite beat guys, Mr. Michael Lee from the Washington Post on to discuss the Wizards, John Wall, and of course we share some JaVale McGee stories.

Here's the rundown:

  • What's up with the Wizards' hot play of late? Michael says they're "big-game hunters" but focus is still an issue.
  • Is making the playoffs the end goal, or is there a larger goal in mind to satisfy the restless fanbase?
  • John Wall's development, and why we shouldn't be surprised it's "taken this long."
  • Nene's role in the locker room and on the court, and why calling out Wall and Bradley Beal early in the season was so important.
  • Bradley Beal looks like a star, but what's up with Otto Porter?
  • Is there a future for free agents to be Marcin Gortat and Trevor Ariza in DC?
  • We couldn't let Michael go without sharing some JaVale McGee stories. Like the time he got a triple double -- and a technical for hanging on the rim in a blowout loss.

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