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Anthony Davis' versatility makes him a future MVP candidate

We took a look at Anthony Davis' game film to discover what makes him one of the NBA's most promising young players.

Anthony Davis is having a phenomenal season despite the New Orleans Pelicans having a forgettable year. His diverse offensive game is still rough around the edges, but his skill set is impressive for a player only in the second year of his career. Can he become one of the NBA's elite players? Health permitting, he could become this generation's Kevin Garnett. We took a deep look at multiple facets of his game and broke down film on what makes him so special.

He's a dominant player on the offensive glass, using his giant wingspan to pull in misses and dunk down putback attempts. His ability to run the floor and consistently beat any big man covering him makes him one of the NBA's best transition players.

The Pelicans' franchise player has been everything a No. 1 pick should be, and he looks like he's well on his way to becoming a household name. If his game continues to develop it won't take long for him to be in the Most Valuable Player discussion.