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Good morning, it's Friday and it's basketball

All the links you need on a Friday morning. Let's basketball.


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Good morning. Let's basketball.

HERE COME THE PATCHES: Adam Silver says that ads on jerseys are inevitable, and will probably happen within five years.

WELPVILLE: Angry Knicks fans demanding that James Dolan concede the team couldn't have picked a worse week to hold their protest. Seth Rosenthal was there.

SCORES: All of them. Even the ones involving the Bucks.

TANK WATCH: The Bucks lost to preserve a small cushion in their race to the bottom with the #36ers. The Cavaliers lost to stick at 26 wins. That's bad enough for No. 9 right now.

SPECTACULAR: Blazer's Edge sent 1,200 kids to Portland-Washington on Thursday. Well done, chap and chapistas.

RETURN TO WELPVILLE: Did Marcin Gortat miss the Wizards' loss to the Blazers with a sore back because of a dunk during warm-ups? Or did the dunk just allow him to discover his back pain?

BOSH FOR THREE: The latest trick Chris Bosh has added to his repertoire.

MARCH MADNESS: The tournament had a woolly first day. If you missed any of the excitement, GIFs or devastating reactions to loss (hi Arizona State), check out our coverage.

LIVE FROM THE SENIOR CENTER: Kevin Garnett hopes to return to action soonSteve Nash will actually freaking play on FridayAndre Miller tried to explain what happened in Denver; after reading his quotes, I'm more confused than ever.

STANDING OVATION: The Suns put together an incredible NBA Jam version of Gerald Green's recent 41-point explosion. So damned good.

KNICKSTAPE: What's behind the Knicks' recent run?

ONE KNUCKLEHEAD: Jason Collins says everything has been cool except for one "knucklehead" player who threw gay taunts his way on court. Collins won't name him. I personally hope someone does. They deserve the lightning storm that will rain upon them. Here's a list of teams the Nets have played since Collins signed: Lakers, Blazers, Bucks, Bulls, Grizzlies, Celtics, Kings, Raptors, Heat, Wizards, Suns and Bobcats.

WHAT IS LOVE?: Zach Harper on Kevin Love's career is something that you should read.

HMMMM: Should the Heat concede the No. 1 seed to Indiana and focus on rest for the next three weeks?

JENKINS ALERT: Lee Jenkins on Al Jefferson and happy-to-be-here Bobcats.

Happy Friday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.