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2014 NBA power rankings: The Spurs are a machine

The Spurs just keep on winning and winning and winning.

SB Nation Reebok Retro Week

1. San Antonio Spurs (53-16, Last week: 1)

The Spurs rested Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili on the road against the Warriors on Saturday ... and they still won by nine. Thirteen wins in a row. Ho hum.

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2. Oklahoma City Thunder (51-18, Last week: 4)

The Thunder suffered an injury scare when Russell Westbrook hurt his surgically repaired knee again, but an MRI showed no structural damage. Also, Kevin Durant keeps doing stuff:

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3. Los Angeles Clippers (49-21, Last week: 2)

The Clippers' winning streak finally ended at 11 on the second night of a back-to-back in Denver. I'll forgive them for losing that one.

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4. Houston Rockets (47-22, Last week: 6)

The Rockets responded to their three-game losing streak with a three-game winning streak. All three victories came without Dwight Howard, who has been nursing an ankle injury.

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5. Indiana Pacers (51-19, Last week: 3)

Good Morning, It's Basketball

Paul George is shooting 30 percent overall and 24 percent from three over the last five games. Analysis: That's not good.

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6. Miami Heat (47-21, Last week: 5)

LeBron James and Chris Bosh both called out the Heat's effort after a loss to the Pelicans on Saturday. There's no reason to panic in Miami, but not everything is peachy.

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7. Memphis Grizzlies (41-28, Last week: 9)

Marc Gasol injured his ankle in a loss to the Heat, but he played 39 minutes the very next game in an impressive win over the Pacers that starred the Grizzlies' suffocating defense.

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8. Golden State Warriors (44-27, Last week: 7)

While Paul George has really struggled lately, his woes are no match for those of Harrison Barnes. The second-year forward is shooting 20.0 percent in the last five games.

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9. Phoenix Suns (41-29, Last week: 11)

The Suns secured a monster win on Sunday against the Timberwolves, coming from 22 down to win by seven. With the win and the ensuing Mavericks loss, Phoenix is now just a half-game out of the West playoff race.

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10. Dallas Mavericks (41-28, Last week: 8)

Jose Calderon was elbowed in the face early in the loss to the Nets on Sunday, but the injury isn't believed to be serious, which is great news.

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11. Toronto Raptors (39-30, Last week: 12)


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12. Brooklyn Nets (37-31, Last week: 15)

The Nets have won four straight games and are making a hard charge for a top four seed in the Eastern Conference. Joe Johnson is still Joe Cool:

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13. Chicago Bulls (39-31, Last week: 10)

The Bulls have cooled off a bit, going 6-5 over the last 11 games. The two wins last week against the Sixers were surprisingly hard-fought.

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14. Portland Trail Blazers (45-25, Last week: 13)

LaMarcus Aldridge has dealt with some injury issues of late, and even when he has played, he hasn't been that great. Since the All-Star Break, Aldridge is shooting 39.7 percent.

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15. Minnesota Timberwolves (34-34, Last week: 16)

The Wolves have given up 126 points per game over the last three games. Quite the feat.

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16. Washington Wizards (36-34, Last week: 14)

The Wizards endured a tough week, going just 1-3, with the lone win coming against the woeful Lakers. On a more positive note, John Wall is shooting 49.1 percent from three in March.

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17. Charlotte Bobcats (34-36, Last week: 17)

The Bobcats helped wash away the bad taste of a two-game losing streak with an absolute beat down of the Blazers. Portland may not have had LaMarcus Aldridge, but an extremely impressive win nonetheless.

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18. New York Knicks (29-41, Last week: 18)

The Knicks appeared well on their way to a ninth straight victory on Sunday, but they proceeded to blow a 17-point lead to the Cavs. Not ideal when making a desperation push toward the playoffs.

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19. Denver Nuggets (32-38, Last week: 20)

After falling a season-high nine games under .500 two weeks ago, the Nuggets have gone 5-2 with solid wins over the Heat, Clippers and Wizards.

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20. New Orleans Pelicans (29-40, Last week: 21)

Anthony Davis might just have a future doing this basketball thing. Now averaging 27.9 points and 11.6 rebounds in March.

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21. Atlanta Hawks (31-37, Last week: 19)

The Hawks squandered two major opportunities to possibly bury the Knicks, blowing fourth-quarter leads against both the Pelicans and Raptors. Atlanta is still three games ahead of New York in the standings, but it could be five.

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22. Cleveland Cavaliers (27-44, Last week: 22)

The Cavs have no realistic shot at the playoffs, but that won't stop Jarrett Jack from having none of your playoff dreams, Knicks!:

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23. Sacramento Kings (25-45, Last week: 24)

Since when did DeMarcus Cousins become a guard?:

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24. Detroit Pistons (25-44, Last week: 23)

In a loss to the Suns on Friday, Josh Smith went 0-of-8 from the free-throw line. ZERO OF EIGHT!

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25. Boston Celtics (23-47, Last week: 26)

It has been rough sledding for the Celtics of late, but they did nab an exciting win over the Heat last week. Rajon Rondo nearly notched a triple-double, tallying nine points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds.

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26. Los Angeles Lakers (23-46, Last week: 25)

Blazer's Edge

Steve Nash made a surprising return from a back injury, only to re-injure his back. Nash could be back sometime this week, but it's still painful to see him struggling so much with these injuries.

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27. Utah Jazz (23-47, Last week: 27)

The Jazz have won two games this month. One came against the Sixers and the other on Saturday against the Magic. Congrats, Utah!

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28. Orlando Magic (19-52, Last week: 28)

The Magic have lost nine games in a row and that's all I have to say about the Magic.

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29. Milwaukee Bucks (13-57, Last week: 29)

The Bucks are still impressively outlasting the Sixers in terms of worst record. That's an accomplishment.

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30. Philadelphia 76ers (15-55, Last week: 30)

Congratulations Sixers, you're just two more losses away from tying the NBA record for most losses in a row!

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