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Breaking down the 2014 NBA Draft with DraftExpress' Jonathan Givony

We've heard a lot of opinions about this year's draft, so we brought in an expert to help us make sense of the 2014 class. SB Nation's GIF Tournament V

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Just how good is the 2014 NBA Draft? We've heard a lot of opinions ranging from really good to overrated over the last few months. Jonathan Givony from Draft Express joined Paul Flannery on the Drive & Kick podcast to help make sense of this year's class.

Here's a rundown:

  • Jonathan is a little concerned that too much has been made of the draft both at the top of the class and the overall depth.
  • "It's a fairly normal draft, which is not a bad thing."
  • Givony sets the top of the draft at six players, but also finds that team's opinions of each player are not universal.
  • We talked about the conference and NCAA Tournaments and whether one great performance can sway a prospect's stock.
  • Then we broke down some of the top prospects, starting with Joel Embiid. Is he the clear-cut top guy?
  • Has Andrew Wiggins been disappointing, or was the hype too much?
  • On Jabari Parker, Givony thinks he'll be a scoring machine in the pros.
  • How much of Kentucky's problems this season hurt Julius Randle?
  • Jonathan helps us unravel the Dante Exum mystery.
  • Will the incident at Texas Tech hurt Marcus Smart? "Not really," Givony says. "He has a chip on his shoulder. That's part of the appeal with him."
  • We also talked about the age limit and whether the D-League can develop players as well as college programs.
  • Jonathan is also really high on some of the international prospects.

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