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Phil Jackson getting closer to taking job with Knicks, per report

The 13-time NBA Champion is now said to be heavily leaning toward a position with New York.

Stephen Dunn

Phil Jackson has said repeatedly that he won't be returning to an NBA sideline any time soon. However, rumors earlier in the week noted that Jackson has been considering joining the New York Knicks' front office. Jackson is heavily leaning towards taking the position if the deal is set up properly, according to a report from's Ken Berger.

Jackson will be looking to join New York if current General Manager Steve Mills and Assistant GM Allan Houston run the day-to-day operations, with both reporting to Jackson. A big factor is said to be Jackson's desire to remain away from the constant grind and able to avoid living in New York City for the majority of the season. His role would be similar to that of a leading consultant, although he would have final say in all decisions.

Of course, there are a few things still blocking the way for a potential deal, the biggest of which being that Jackson won't likely want to deal with any meddling from owner James Dolan. Drastic measures are clearly needed for the 24-40 Knicks, who are mired in drama, cap disasters and the pending free agency of star Carmelo Anthony. If Dolan can swallow his pride and make way for Jackson to make moves unfettered from his reach, it's possible the former Lakers and Bulls coach could have a significant impact at Madison Square Garden.