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NBA power rankings 2014: Spurs on top as regular season wraps up

The 2013-14 NBA regular season is drawing to a close, and the Spurs will head into the playoffs with the league's best record.

SB Nation 2014 NBA Playoff Bracket

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

1. San Antonio Spurs (62-18, Last week: 1)

The Spurs clinched home-court advantage throughout the playoffs and would set the franchise record for wins in a season with victories in their final two games.

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2. Oklahoma City Thunder (58-22, Last week: 2)

Let Westbrook be Westbrook:


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3. Los Angeles Clippers (56-24, Last week: 3)

Blake Griffin is wrapping up the finest season of his young career, and he'll likely wind up in the third slot on many MVP ballots.

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4. Miami Heat (54-26, Last week: 4)

The Heat grabbed control of the top seed with a dominant win over the Pacers ... only to promptly throw it away with a loss to the Hawks.

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5. Houston Rockets (53-27, Last week: 5)

Dwight Howard returned from an ankle injury after missing eight straight games, scoring 13 points and grabbing six rebounds in a win over the Pelicans.

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6. Portland Trail Blazers (53-28, Last week: 7)

The Blazers have made a hard charge since LaMarcus Aldridge returned from injury, and the No. 4 seed remains in play.

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7. Golden State Warriors (49-31, Last week: 6)

Stephen Curry dropped 47 points in a loss to the Blazers on Sunday, and the guard is on the verge of setting career-highs in both points and assists. Curry also recorded his fourth triple-double of the season last week:

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8. Memphis Grizzlies (48-32, Last week: 12)

The Grizzlies control their own destiny, and they could clinch a playoff berth as early as Monday with a victory over the Suns.

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9. Dallas Mavericks (49-32, Last week: 8)

Thanks to a thrilling win over the Suns, the Mavs clinched a spot in the postseason after missing it last year for the first time since 2000:

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10. Chicago Bulls (47-33, Last week: 11)

Jimmy Butler is playing 41.5 minutes per game since the Luol Deng trade and could potentially overtake Carmelo Anthony for the most minutes per game in the NBA this season.

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11. Toronto Raptors (47-33, Last week: 10)

The Raptors will earn the No. 3 seed in the East if they win their final two games. Also, DeMar DeRozan does cool dunks:

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12. Indiana Pacers (55-26, Last week: 18)

The Pacers got worked in Miami, but they FINALLY resembled a quality team in an impressive win over the Thunder on Sunday. The victory put Indiana back in the driver's seat for the top seed in the East.

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13. Phoenix Suns (47-33, Last week: 9)

Poor Suns. A couple rough losses has Phoenix on the outside of the West playoff race looking in, with a must-win against Memphis on the docket Monday.

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14. Brooklyn Nets (44-36, Last week: 13)

Mason Plumlee denying LeBron James at  the rim FTW:

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15. Washington Wizards (42-38, Last week: 14)

Like Stephen Curry, John Wall is about to set career-highs in points and assists. Wall also has made strides this year from the three-point line, shooting 35.4 percent from deep on nearly four attempts per game.

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16. Charlotte Bobcats (41-39, Last week: 15)

The Bobcats have the sixth-best defensive rating in the NBA after finishing last the previous two years and signing noted defensive stalwart (not really) Al Jefferson in the offseason. Remarkable coaching job by Steve Clifford.

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17. Minnesota Timberwolves (40-40, Last week: 16)

The Wolves have avoided going two games over .500 like the plague. It happened once in mid-March, but Minnesota has blown every single chance since then.

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Sunday Shootaround

18. Atlanta Hawks (37-43, Last week: 17)

The Hawks have won three straight games and finally eliminated the Knicks from playoff contention. It's about time New York was put out of their misery.

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19. Denver Nuggets (36-44, Last week: 20)

Kind of out of nowhere, Timofey Mozgov put forth one of the most impressive performances of the season, scoring 23 points and nabbing a whopping 29 rebounds in a win over the Warriors:

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20. New York Knicks (35-45, Last week: 19)

The Knicks are the 2013-14 Paper Champions, according to Amar'e Stoudem3ire.

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21. Boston Celtics (25-55, Last week: 29)

The Celtics' tank has halted thanks to two consecutive victories. Boston is tied with the Lakers for fifth-worst record in the league.

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22. Cleveland Cavaliers (32-49, Last week: 20)

The Cavs lost to both the Bucks and Celtics last week, which is pretty impressive. The Kyrie Irving situation will be one to monitor going forward.

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23. Sacramento Kings (28-53, Last week: 23)

DeMarcus Cousins picked up his 16th technical foul on Sunday, and if it's not rescinded, Cousins will miss the Kings' final game of the season. Apparently Boogie wanted to get on with his offseason a bit early.

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24. New Orleans Pelicans (32-48, Last week: 22)

Anthony Davis is done for the year and with him goes basically the only reason to watch the Pelicans.

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25. Detroit Pistons (29-52, Last week: 24)

End of an era

Joe Dumars ... HE GONE! Well, not quite, but he's no longer in charge of basketball decisions. Remember when Dumars signed Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon to big deals in 2009? Good times.

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26. Orlando Magic (23-57, Last week: 26)

Victor Oladipo or Michael Carter-Williams for Rookie of the Year? Carter-Williams probably wins, but Oladipo is just as deserving.

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27. Los Angeles Lakers (25-55, Last week: 27)

This Lakers team is officially the worst one in franchise history. Let's just say it has been a bit of a rough go for Mike D'Antoni in Los Angeles.

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28. Utah Jazz (24-56, Last week: 25)

The Jazz and Lakers will do battle in an epic tank-off on Monday night in Salt Lake City. Should be "fun."

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29. Philadelphia 76ers (17-63, Last week: 28)

The Sixers could easily be in the last spot given their league-worst -10.9 average point differential, but I'm going to cut them a bit of slack since they were expected to be terrible. The Bucks on the other hand...

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30. Milwaukee Bucks (15-65, Last week: 30)

The Bucks tried to be a playoff team this season. They'll almost certainly wind up all alone with the worst record in the league. Yikes.

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