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Watch the 'Inside the NBA' crew on Donald Sterling

Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson spoke out strongly against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, condemning him and saying there's "no place in the league" for his racist behavior.

We love the "Inside the NBA" crew when they're at their silliest -- like this dick joke -- but when they have the opportunity to discuss serious issues, they absolutely knock it out of the park.

Today, the crew discussed the Donald Sterling situation, and were unanimous in their distaste for Los Angeles Clippers' racist owner.

From Charles Barkley:

To Ernie Johnson:

It's six minutes of straight fire: Harsh, accurate criticism of the jerk who owns one of the NBA's 30 teams. In past, the NBA has swept Sterling's behavior under the door. When a show as prominent and close to the league's heartbeat as "Inside the NBA" speaks out, loudly and strongly, it can't very well do that. Kudos to the crew.