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V. Stiviano 'saddened' by Donald Sterling's lifetime ban

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In just the newest odd turn in the Donald Sterling saga, the woman initially described as his mistress has said she's saddened by the NBA's lifetime ban of Sterling.

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Following NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's decision to ban Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from all NBA functions for life, the woman at middle of the controversy says that she is "very saddened" by Silver and the NBA's landmark punishment, which might culminate in forcing Sterling to sell his team.

V. Stiviano told the L.A. Times through her lawyer Mac Nehoray that she "never wanted any harm to Donald" and that she's "devastated" that the tape was released, saying that someone else leaked it for money to TMZ.

Nehoray says the media portrayal of the events since the tape of Sterling's inflammatory comments got released publicly have been incorrect, stating that they never had a sexual or romantic relationship, nor is she Sterling's mistress.

Sterling's wife, Rochelle, is currently suing Stiviano for $1.8 million, which Donald gave to her in the form of an apartment, cars and cash.

[Stiviano's lawyer] also insisted that Stiviano and the 80-year-old Clippers owner never had a sexual or romantic relationship and descriptions of her as his mistress in the media and in a lawsuit filed by Sterling's wife are erroneous.

Stiviano's lawyer said that she first got involved with Sterling as an archivist for Sterling, and before that she worked for the Los Angeles County as a volunteer in the district attorney's office's Victim-Witness Assistance Program in 2010 and 2011.