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Good morning, the Spurs may never lose again

19 straight! That and a whole lot more in Thursday's NBA newsletter from SB Nation NBA.

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

THE SPURS WILL NEVER LOSE AGAIN: At this point, if Gregg Popovich wants San Antonio to end this streak, he's going to have to actively sabotage his team. After smoking the Warriors, the Spurs are up to 19 straight. There are only five winning streaks longer than 19 in NBA history, the most recent of course being Miami's 27-game sprint last year.

San Antonio leads the Thunder by four games in the West. You just know Pop wants to rest all of his starters for Thursday's TNT game in OKC ...

By the way, Tim Duncan has more 50-win seasons than most teams.

THE KNICKS! New York pasted the Nets and the Hawks lost to the Bulls. That means that, yes, your New York Knickerbockers are tied for the No. 8 seed with Atlanta. Cleveland, who won, remains two games back.

DALLAS UP! The Grizzlies and Suns both lost on Wednesday. That means the Mavericks moved from No. 9 to No. 7 while being inactive. Man, this West deathrace ...

BLAKE GRIFFIN DOESN'T EVEN CARE ANY MORE: He'll dunk on you too, DeAndre. Move.

AND THE AWARD FOR MOST YOLO SHOT OF ALL-TIME GOES TO ...: Paul George for this 40-footer with 22 seconds on the shot clock in a 1-point game. What the hell is he doing? Did he have a Freaky Friday situation with Nick Young or something? Good God.

MORE SCORES: Get all of the recaps you need.

THE ANTI-TANKING GRASSROOTS EFFORT: Some enterprising, smart basketball fans (at least one of them a Sixers fan) are launching today, a campaign to convince the league to fix tanking one way or another. Check out their site to sign an anti-tanking petition and find out how else to help their cause, if you're so inclined. If nothing else, there's a very impressive collection of quotes from NBA GMs and owners about what they feel is the scourge of tanking.

EXPLAINING THE PACERS' STRUGGLES: Mike Prada dug in and learned that Indiana has been taking shortcuts.

WIZ ARE IN: Washington clinched its playoff berth. Bullets Forever celebrates with an awesome video looking at the span since the last postseason berth.

MCDONALDS TIME: Ricky O'Donnell was at McDonald's All-American on Wednesday. It turns out these 17-year-old basketball prospects are experts in marketing and have opinions on the age minimum. And the 2014 class is chock full of big men. See Ricky's full coverage.

AGE AND EXCELLENCE: The Hook looked at how "old" teams are compared to their quality. There are no old, bad teams. Progress!

REMINDER: There is basically no such thing as "testing the waters" for college underclassmen considering entering the NBA Draft any more. Because the NCAA is run by provincial jerks, basically.

OH MAN: Celtics! There's a Wizard in your huddle!

WELPVILLE: That horrific no-call on a Jermaine O'Neal goaltend Tuesday night, the one that may have cost Dallas a game? The NBA said "whoops" on Wednesday. I'm sure that helped Mark Cuban sleep well!

OH NOTHING: Just Kings owner Vivek Ranadive dancing to Bollywood music with his daughter during her halftime show at a Kings game. Move along.

Happy Thursday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.