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Sacramento Kings willing to trade No. 8 pick in 2014 NBA Draft, per report

Sacramento would rather move young assets than develop young talent.

SB Nation 2014 NBA Playoff Bracket

Just a few minutes after the Sacramento Kings won the rights to the No. 8 selection in the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery, they've announced they're looking to trade it. Sacramento would rather pursue a veteran than try to develop talent at the No. 8 spot, according to a tweet from's Scott Howard-Cooper.

The Kings went just 28-54 this season, and have plenty of young prospects in Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore and DeMarcus Cousins. Sacramento doesn't have many good contracts to trade, although they do have expiring deals in Reggie Evans and Jason Terry.

This may change what happens with Terry, who decided to rehab his knee in Dallas for the remainder of the season after being traded to the Kings at the deadline in February. Terry could end up as an additional piece to make salaries work in a trade. There's also the less likely chance he joins the team should they add another veteran presence that vaults them into contention in the West.

In any case, some movement should be expected come draft day. Sacramento is apparently just the first on the board.