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An in-depth look at the 2014 NBA Draft class, post-lottery

Who will be the top pick in the draft? Who stands out among the next tier of prospects? What about the international players? It's time to get serious with Draft Express' Jonathan Givony on this week's Drive & Kick podcast.

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SB Nation 2014 NBA Playoff Bracket

Now that the combine is over and the draft order is set, we've reached the workout stage of the process, so what better time than to reconnect with Jonathan Givony from Draft Express for this week's Drive & Kick podcast. Among the topics we discussed:

  • How important are the workouts, considering many of the top prospects skipped the combine?
  • Speaking of the combine, Givony shares a couple of ideas he's heard on how the league might fix the process to get the top players involved.
  • Is the top three of Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid set, or is there a wild card who could sneak into the top three?
  • Would you trade the top pick for Kevin Love?
  • If Embiid's back injuries check out, should he be the No. 1 pick?
  • Moving on to the next tier of prospects, we discussed Dante Exum versus Marcus Smart and Julius Randle versus Noah Vonleh.
  • The Aaron Gordon conundrum and whether his shooting woes can be fixed. (Spoiler: neither of us are convinced.)
  • We spent some time talking about the top international prospects, specifically Dario Saric and Jusuf Nurkic and whether Flannery can pronounce either player's name.
  • Givony has some interesting thoughts on the leverage Saric's camp may use if he doesn't go to one of his preferred destinations (fans of the Lakers and Celtics should take note.)
  • Starting with Doug McDermott, we break down the next group that includes players like Nik Stauskus, Rodney Hood, James Young, Zach Lavine, Tyler Ennis and Gary Harris.
  • Any potential sleepers who could move up into the lottery? Givony has his eye on a couple of players.

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