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Gregg Popovich dismantles reporter after Game 5

San Antonio's coach continued serving up his legendary charm on Thursday night.

Ah, to be Gregg Popovich. A few championship rings here and there, a good glass of cabernet whenever you want it and unadulterated praise for answering press questions with all the aplomb of a senile old man standing on his porch shooting a BB gun at stray cats.

After Game 5 on Thursday night, a reporter asked Popovich during his press conference if he could explain why he thought every game in the series with the Oklahoma City Thunder had been a blowout. Typically, Popovich responded with good grace.

"You're serious?" asked Popovich. "You really think I can explain that?"

San Antonio's coach went on to question why the reporter was paid for his services. Everybody laughed, and the dance of weird, stoic responses interpreted as lighthearted camaraderie continued.

Ramble on, Mr. Popovich. Ramble on.