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Kevin Durant gives emotional, tear-filled MVP acceptance speech

The Oklahoma City forward took home the 2014 Maurice Podoloff trophy on Tuesday afternoon.

It has been a long journey for Kevin Durant, who has gone from Washington D.C., to Austin, to Seattle and now Oklahoma City. On Tuesday, Durant completed another part of his journey by being named the 2014 NBA MVP.

In front of teammates, media and a crowd filled with family and friends, Durant gave a long, tear-filled acceptance speech. Durant meandered, spending time on each of his individual teammates. He thanked Serge Ibaka, Caron Butler, Kendrick Perkins and Derek Fisher, among others.

Durant was particularly grateful for the support his teammates have showed him this season, and throughout his career.

"You knew I had potential," Durant said, addressing Nick Collison. "Every single day, I knew I could look at you and know that you respect me as a man, as a player, and that you would ride with me till the end. Thank you."

The award is the first MVP honor for a Thunder player since the team's move to Oklahoma City, and the first for a player drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics.

Durant was especially appreciative of his mother, Wanda. He credited her as the reason he was able to take home the first MVP award of his career.

"You're the real MVP."