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Good morning, is it curtains for the Heat?

That plus more in Sunday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

FINALE OF THE FINALS? The Spurs can end the Finals with a home win Sunday night. It'd complete a stunning rout of the two-time champions, if so. Or the Heat's comeback trail could begin in earnest. Let's find out. 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Here's a refresher on the Spurs' Game 4 masterpiece from Paul Flannery.

David Roth wrote about the meme-ification of how we discuss LeBron.

There is also a sad Heat jam.

John Schuhmann on the Spurs defense.

Zach Lowe on the Spurs offense.

Michael Powell with quite a good column on the taste of defeat in Miami.

WELP WELP WELP: So Donald Sterling hired four private investigative firms to dig up dirt on NBA owners ahead of this legal fight over the future of the Clippers. One of Sterling's henchmen says the crew has already uncovered "allegations of racial discrimination by NBA officials that are as bad as comments Sterling made suggesting he did not want to see blacks at Clippers games." Here's some fake but possible true dirt about NBA owners.

OH: In the wake of the Clippers' rich sale, Mikhail Prokhorov is reportedly listening to offers for the Nets, who he bought for a pittance.

MELOTOWN: Woj reports that Carmelo Anthony is leaning away from New York and toward Houston or Chicago. I wrote about the labor repercussions should that Melo to Miami rumor come to pass.

SCOUTING REPORTS: Gary Harris, a total prototype of a modern wing.

VLADE! Vlade Divac is looking to work in the NBA in some front office capacity next season. He's talked to the Kings.

AH: Underclassmen who declare for the NBA Draft rarely go underdrafted. Only two freshmen in the past nine years have gone undrafted.

WHIMSY: Dave Chappelle's story of meeting Kanye for the first time is pretty great.

Happy Sunday. Respect to all the fathers being fathers out there. See you next time.