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Denver Nuggets to acquire Gary Harris with 19th pick

The pieces in the proposed trade between the Nuggets and Bulls are now known, with Gary Harris going to Denver.

The Denver Nuggets have added another young backcourt player, acquiring Gary Harris out of Michigan State with the 19th overall pick.

Though the pick belonged to the Chicago Bulls, the Bulls will send Harris and Jusuf Nurkic, the No. 16 pick, to the Nuggets for Doug McDermott, drafted No. 11.

Harris, 20, improved upon a promising freshman season with a stellar sophomore campaign, averaging 16.7 points, four rebounds and 2.7 assists per game. He's a very fluid perimeter shooter who can also defend multiple positions on the other end. He isn't a good enough playmaker to serve as a point guard, but he can definitely serve a secondary ball-handling role.

Harris has a very well-rounded game inside and out, but some evaluators wonder whether he has the range to be a consistent threat. His three-point percentage dipped this season as he got a bigger role for the Spartans, but it was still respectable. He also is a tad undersized at 6'4 and isn't supremely talented at finishing around the rim, but he's adequate at it. With a more consistent long-range jump shot, Harris could become a great addition.

Though Randy Foye had a fine season as their starting shooting guard, the Nuggets drafted the multi-faceted talent out of Michigan State to bolster their wings. Harris offers a much-needed upgrade at shooting guard to help out Ty Lawson, both on offense and defense. His three-point shooting should be reliable enough to give Lawson a passing option behind the arc, and his ability to get to the paint should help complement his exterior range.

Being able to play a bit of point guard could help the Nuggets when Lawson leaves the floor, as well. Harris' versatility should give Denver plenty of options to work with, including more flexibility to help give their other shooting guards time on the floor. It'll be a transition, but not something unthinkable.