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LeBron James is cramping, again

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The best player in the world exited Game 1 of the NBA Finals in the fourth quarter because of cramping.

LeBron James has dealt with cramping on a big stage before. It famously happened in Game 4 of the 2012 NBA Finals. It happened in Game 1 of last year's NBA Finals against the Spurs. And with the Heat holding a small advantage over the Spurs in the fourth quarter of Game 1 on Thursday, cramps struck James again. He asked out of the game with about seven minutes left:

It was the second time in the game James asked out.

Just so we're clear: no, this isn't a case of LeBron being weak. It happens. No memes comparing him to tough guy NHL players, please.

Update: LeBron re-entered the game briefly, but had to be taken out once again when the cramping flared up. He was limping badly off the court:

San Antonio pulled away as James remained out for the rest of the game, surging to a 110-95 victory.

Lest you think James was somehow weak for remaining out of the game: his coach said James didn't want to sit:

The situation was apparently serious, as he needed more medical treatment after the game: