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Jason Kidd's introductory press conference was strange

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Introductory press conferences are usually a extended celebration. Jason Kidd's with the Bucks was an odd and awkward 15 minutes.

Maddie Meyer

The Bucks formally introduced Jason Kidd as their new head coach on Wednesday and like the process to hire Kidd, the press conference was a bit strange. Kidd has been criticized for his power play in Brooklyn and pursuing a job that was not open. He didn't do much to reverse that ill will during the press conference and instead spent most of the time giving non-answers, dodging questions or invoking clichés.

While Kidd dodged questions, Bucks general manager John Hammond also spoke. He was not involved in the decision to hire Kidd until very late in the process, something Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry said he regretted. While Hammond said the right things and called the last four days "great days for the Bucks organization" he also did so without mentioning Jason Kidd's name. As far as introductory press conferences go, this one ranked highly on the awkward scale.

The press conference didn't last much more than 15 minutes and while most of the time was spent with Kidd avoiding questions about how he arrived, there was some news. Lasry said the entire process was set into motion when Kidd's agent contacted the Bucks owners. Lasry also said Hammond will remain in charge of basketball operations. When Kidd was asked about pursuing control of basketball operations in Brooklyn, he deflected with another non answer:

Here are some other highlights from Kidd's first official day in Milwaukee: