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Doc Rivers says he will quit if Donald Sterling is not removed as owner of Clippers

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As the court case rages on, an important piece of testimony arose on Tuesday.

Mario Tama

Donald Sterling's day in court isn't quite going as he planned. On Tuesday, L.A. Clippers CEO Richard Parsons testified that head coach Doc Rivers has informed him that he will quit if Sterling is not removed as the owner, according to a story from the Associated Press.

As testimony from Parsons poured out of the courtroom, it became apparent that the line of questioning was trying to prove how much Sterling's racist comments have hurt the value of the franchise.

In addition to their star coach, which Los Angeles traded a future first-round pick for back in 2013, Parsons said he also thought several key players would not stand for Sterling's continued involvement. Chris Paul, head of the NBA Players Association, was one player Parsons talked to that was dissatisfied with the current arrangement.

Players around the league have held the ejection of Sterling from ownership as high priority, including LeBron James, who said he would boycott the 2014-15 NBA season should Sterling not be removed come the start of the year.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is in the process of trying to buy the franchise for a record $2 billion, but the lawsuit has put a halt to that as they try to determine whether he and Shelly Sterling had the ability to agree to terms.


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