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P.J. Tucker arrested for 'super extreme DUI' in May

The Suns' forward was pulled over with a blood-alcohol level well over the limit for the harsher Arizona DUI penalty.

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Christian Petersen

Phoenix Suns forward P.J. Tucker was arrested for "super extreme DUI" in May when a blood test showed the 29-year-old registered a blood alcohol level of .222, according to the Arizona Republic. Tucker was pulled over by Scottsdale police after running a stop sign and straddling two lanes on his way home from a night club.

The threshold for a "super extreme DUI" in Arizona is .200. A driver is legally drunk if his or her blood alcohol level is above .08. Thus, Tucker was nearly three times over the legal limit and well over the "super extreme DUI" threshold. Calculating what Tucker actually drank is difficult, but given that he's listed at 230 pounds, it's about the equivalent of downing an entire 12-pack in 2-3 hours.

Tucker reportedly failed a sobriety test and displayed slurred speech and a lack of balance while emitting a heavy odor of alcohol.

The report of the May arrest comes just two weeks after the Suns locked up Tucker with a three-year, $16.5 million contract in free agency. Last season was Tucker's second in Phoenix, and he posted career highs in points, rebounds and assists per game while averaging over 30 minutes per night.


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