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Rockets offer Chris Bosh 4-year maximum contract, according to report

Will Chris Bosh leave Miami for a big offer from the Rockets?

Andy Lyons

The Houston Rockets have offered Chris Bosh a four-year maximum contract, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard. Bosh is currently weighing the offer while waiting on LeBron James and Pat Riley to offer some clarity into the Miami Heat's situation.

Bosh's situation is intrinsically tied to James', but the Rockets are hoping they can take advantage of James' uncertainty to swipe Bosh away for more than the Heat are willing to offer. Bosh has said he'd like to take a pay cut to stay in Miami, but he and Dwyane Wade have reportedly been in the dark about James' plans. If James is not going to stay in Miami, the situation becomes much less attractive for both players.

The Rockets are expecting to lose out on top target Carmelo Anthony and are already moving to their second plan to add premier talent alongside James Harden and Dwight Howard. One could argue that Bosh is a better get than Anthony because of how well he fits, both in terms of lineup flexibility next to Howard and considering he's already adjusted well to other stars in the past.

The Heat can trump Houston's offer because they are the only team that can offer Bosh a fifth year, but with a max contract already earmarked for James, a significant sum likely to go to Dwyane Wade and a desperate need to upgrade their surrounding talent, they don't appear interested in matching the Rockets' price. Bosh therefore must decide if he'd rather wait for James or take the Rockets' offer now.


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