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Heat's free-agent frenzy included offer to Lance Stephenson

The Heat reportedly tried to entice Stephenson, noted Heat pest, to come to Miami.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat cast a wide net in an effort to retool the roster around the Big Three, and one target was Indiana Pacers free agent Lance Stephensonaccording to Bleacher Report's Ethan Skolnick and first reported by ESPN's Dan LeBatard.

The interest in Stephenson, who may be on his way out of Indiana, is amusing because of his history with Miami. Stephenson first made headlines against the Heat when he taunted them by making a choking signal during the 2012 postseason.

This past year in the Eastern Conference Finals, Stephenson did all he could to try and get under Miami's skin. Especially James:


So the Heat really went after this guy?

Why this makes sense

As big of a loon as Stephenson may be, there's no denying he's talented. Stephenson played well against the Heat in the East Finals, averaging 14.0 points, 5.8 rebounds and 5.0 assists while shooting 49.2 percent from the field.

There's no doubt LeBron James and the Heat want to play with more talent, especially considering Stephenson is just 23 and has room to improve. The antics are annoying, but perhaps Miami was also interested just to avoid having to go up against those shenanigans for years to come.

Why this doesn't make sense

Some members of the Heat did speak out rather strongly against Stephenson's "buffoonery" in the playoff series, and as talented as he is, it's hard to imagine them signing him after what happened.

The financials also were an issue, because Stephenson is looking for a lucrative new deal worth around eight figures annually. Even before the Heat agreed to new deals with Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger, the money would have been tight. Now that McRoberts and Granger are on board, getting Stephenson can't happen unless one of the Big Three leaves.


Did the Heat put out feelers for Stephenson? There's a decent chance that happened. But it's unlikely discussions got very far, and right now a signing is basically out of the question.