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Carmelo Anthony is waiting on LeBron James to make his decision

Anthony will remain uncommitted in free agency until the four-time MVP announces his future plans.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony won't announce where he'll play next season before LeBron James makes his free agency decision, according to ESPN. Anthony was supposed to decide his future by the end of Fourth of July weekend, but the star forward is reportedly still waiting to see if there's a viable scenario where he and James could team up.

Anthony has met with the Bulls, Lakers, Rockets and Mavericks in addition to the Knicks. New York and Los Angeles have reportedly offered him a max contract, and the Bulls would have to coerce the Knicks into a sign-and-trade for Anthony to get the most money he's allowed to make.

There were rumblings of James and Anthony playing together in Miami even before the playoffs ended. One way it could happen is if James accepts a one or two-year max deal from the Heat and Chris Bosh decides he would rather have the long-term security the Rockets are reportedly offering with a maximum contract. That would clear the way for Anthony to join James in Miami, though the Heat might not benefit from the trade off due to the lack of quality big men on the roster.

The race for James is just starting to take shape. On Wednesday morning, the Cavaliers created maximum free agency space for James by dealing Jarrett Jack, Tyler Zeller and Sergey Karasev in a three-team trade. Cleveland has also reportedly reached out to former teammates of James like Ray Allen, Mike Miller and James Jones.

James is in Las Vegas for the amateur basketball camp he hosts, and he will meet with Pat Riley on Wednesday. The last few days of free agency have been quiet as the league waits on James to make his decision, but it feels like his options are starting to take shape.


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