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NBA schedule: LeBron James' return to Miami leads notable reunions

LeBron James' visit to South Beach on Christmas leads our list of top reunions of the 2014-15 NBA schedule.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron and the Cavaliers visit Miami on Christmas, but there are other old faces that will meet up in 2014-15. The NBA schedule was released on Wednesday, and here's the can't-miss reunions during next season.

LeBron's talents visit South Beach (Dec. 25)

The Cleveland Cavaliers will visit South Beach on Christmas day in LeBron James' first return to the team he helped to four straight NBA Finals and two championships. By that point, it'll be deep enough into the season to understand the Eastern Conference hierarchy to some degree. Will James have the Cavs molding into title-contending form, and will the Heat have established themselves as a dangerous playoff contender? The reception for James in Miami no doubt will be the thing to watch.

Love is back in Minnesota (Jan. 31)

The Timberwolves host the Cavaliers on Dec. 23, where rookie Andrew Wiggins gets his shot at playing against the team that traded him, but the bigger date is Jan. 31, when Kevin Love returns to the only other team he's ever known. If the reaction so far is any indication, Love should get a solid ovation from Timberwolves fans despite skipping town.

Lance returns to Indy with Hornets (Nov. 19)

It might come with a heavy heart. The Hornets could be more loaded than the Pacers, who will be without Paul George after he suffered a broken leg this summer. Nonetheless, Lance Stephenson will return to the place where it all started after disappointing Indiana president Larry Bird, the man who invested in Stephenson and put him in a position to succeed after he fell in the 2010 NBA Draft.

The Rockets get a taste of Parsons (Nov. 22)

Chandler Parsons got a big chunk of money as a free agent because he's viewed by the Dallas Mavericks as a pretty darn good player. Is three years and $45 million an overpay? Maybe. Nonetheless, a rift between Parsons, James Harden and Dwight Howard was formed through media channels this offseason. Harden and Howard pretty much dismissed Parsons as a very good third playmaker, and though Parsons and Harden made up, there's still got to be a little revenge factor for Parsons after the Rockets refused to match the Mavs' offer.

Isaiah's chance to kill the Kings (Nov. 7)

After the Sacramento Kings signed point guard Darren Collison early in free agency and worked out a sign-and-trade deal to send point guard Isaiah Thomas to the Phoenix Suns, the latter wasn't shy about expressing his feelings. Thomas didn't feel wanted in Sacramento and told Sactown Royalty that he wanted to kill the Kings in the coming year. His first shot is in Phoenix on Nov. 7.

Jason Kidd brings Bucks to Brooklyn (Nov. 19)

That whole trying to get Billy Hunter's job thing and then leaving might not be viewed well by Brooklyn Nets fans. Bucks head coach Jason Kidd returns to Brooklyn and it'll be a fun time for a fan base that won't be afraid to express its feelings toward the coach who left after a single season in charge. At the least, it'll make for some fun signs in the crowd.

Pau goes back to Lakerland (Jan. 29)

Pau Gasol gave the Lakers six-plus memorable seasons and was a big piece to their championship runs in 2009 and 2010. For a guy like Kobe Bryant, it might be a little emotional watching one of his long-time teammates line up for the Bulls.

Boozer visits Chicago (Dec. 25)

Carlos Boozer had a rough final few years in Chicago, and Bulls fans weren't shy about hoping he'd be amnestied. It didn't help that Taj Gibson proved capable of taking over Boozer's starting role, nor that Boozer wasn't too thrilled that he was left out of the fourth quarter lineups by coach Tom Thibodeau.

Granger returns with the enemy (Dec. 31)

Two years ago, Danny Granger and David West were the head-honchos as the young but gritty Pacers unsuccessfully tried to bully their way past the Miami Heat and LeBron James. Granger was traded to Philly, cut by the Sixers, signed by the Clippers and then -- shocker -- signed with the former No. 1 enemy Heat this offseason. He returns to Indiana on New Year's Eve.