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Pistons loaded with back-to-backs in 2014-15 NBA schedule

The Detroit Pistons have 22 back-to-backs, but the distribution is more even than in past years considering the longer All-Star break.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons will play 22 times on consecutive nights, the most back-to-backs of any team's 2014-15 NBA schedule. On Wednesday, the NBA released its complete schedule, one that includes a longer All-Star break. That means there would be more games in a less amount of time compared to past seasons.

After Detroit, the Nuggets, Hawks, Hornets, Spurs, 76ers and Bucks will each play 21 back-to-backs. The Knicks, Rockets, Pelicans, Grizzlies, Cavaliers and Bulls will play 20.

Like this year, last year's high end of total back-to-backs was 22. The Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks found themselves on the low end with 14 back-to-backs in 2013-14, and this year there is more parity when the lowest totals were concerned.The Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers have the fewest back-to-backs this season at 16 apiece. The Pacers, Kings, Mavericks and Magic aren't in bad shape with 17 back-to-backs in 2014-15.

2014-15 NBA back-to-back totals

Detroit Pistons: 22

Denver Nuggets: 21

Atlanta Hawks: 21

Charlotte Hornets: 21

San Antonio Spurs: 21

Philadelphia 76ers: 21

Milwaukee Bucks: 21

New York Knicks: 20

Houston Rockets: 20

New Orleans Pelicans: 20

Memphis Grizzlies: 20

Cleveland Cavaliers: 20

Chicago Bulls 20

Brooklyn Nets: 19

Minnesota Timberwolves: 19

Portland Trail Blazers: 19

Toronto Raptors: 19

Utah Jazz: 19

Los Angeles Clippers: 19

Golden State Warriors: 19

Phoenix Suns: 18

Boston Celtics: 18

Washington Wizards: 18

Oklahoma City Thunder: 18

Orlando Magic: 17

Indiana Pacers: 17

Dallas Mavericks: 17

Sacramento Kings: 17

Los Angeles Lakers: 16

Miami Heat: 16