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FIBA World Cup 2014: Full schedule, results, format and more

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The basketball world convenes in Spain for a few weeks to crown the first champion of the re-branded FIBA World Cup. Here's a breakdown of the format, schedule and more.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The first edition of the FIBA World Cup tips off Aug. 30 in arenas across Spain, with many of the world's greatest players taking part in the tournament. The re-branded World Championship features 24 national teams from six different continents, and gives fans an early dose of hoops before the 2014-15 NBA season begins.

Team USA will again be one of the major favorites for the event, which offers an automatic bid to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to the gold medal winner. That prize gives every country greater incentive to win, though, which could mean an especially competitive tournament for all involved.

With so many games on the docket and a need to watch basketball hitting fever pitch after months off, let's take a look at how the FIBA World Cup works.


The FIBA World Cup features 24 national teams from around the world that qualified through various channels. Most teams get their bids by performing well in regional tournaments such as Eurobasket and the FIBA Americas Championship, but there are other ways to get in.

USA got its bid as a result of winning the 2012 Summer Olympic tournament, for example, while Spain got its bid by virtue of being the host country. Four other teams also earned "wild card" invitations from FIBA, which were announced back in February.

The 24-team field is divided into four groups of six teams apiece, with every team playing each other once. After those five games, the top four teams from each group advance to the elimination stage, which follows a more traditional single-elimination bracket format.

Teams from Group A will face teams from Group B to begin the Round of 16, so teams from Group A and Group C technically can't meet until the title game, which is scheduled to take place in Madrid on Sept. 14. That means the highly-anticipated Spain-USA rematch can only happen in the final and only if both teams make it there. The winner of the tournament receives an automatic bid to the 2016 Olympics, while the remaining teams will need to play a qualifying tournament next summer to earn invitations.

Group Stage Schedule

There are a lot of games going on in the first few days of the World Cup. Here's a breakdown of the matchups in each group. Each Team USA game will be televised on either ESPN or ESPN2, while all other games can be found on ESPN3. All times Eastern.

Group A

Aug. 30

Serbia 85, Egypt 64
Brazil 65, France 63
Spain 90, Iran 60

Aug. 31

France 74, Serbia 73
Brazil 79, Iran 50
Spain 91, Egypt 54

Sept. 1

Serbia 83, Iran 70
France 94, Egypt 55
Spain 82, Brazil 63

Sept. 3

Iran 88, Egypt 73
Brazil 81, Serbia 73
Spain 88, France 64

Sept. 4

9:30 a.m.: Brazil vs. Egypt
Noon: Iran vs. France
4 p.m.: Serbia vs. Spain

Group B

Aug. 30

Croatia 81, Philippines 78
Argentina 98, Puerto Rico 75
Greece 87, Senegal 64

Aug. 31

Croatia 90, Argentina 85
Senegal 82, Puerto Rico 75
Greece 82, Philippines 70

Sept. 1

Senegal 77, Croatia 75
Argentina 85, Philippines 81
Greece 90, Puerto Rico 79

Sept. 3

Puerto Rico 77, Philippines 73
Argentina 81, Senegal 46
Greece 76, Croatia 65

Sept. 4

Philippines 81, Senegal 79
Noon: Croatia vs. Puerto Rico
4 p.m.: Argentina vs. Greece

Group C

Aug. 30

Ukraine 72, Dominican Republic 62
Turkey 76, New Zealand 73
United States 114, Finland 55

Aug. 31

Dominican Republic 76, New Zealand 63
Finland 81, Ukraine 76
USA 98, Turkey 77

Sept. 2

Ukraine 64, Turkey 58
USA 98, New Zealand 71
Dominican Republic 74, Finland 68

Sept. 3

New Zealand 73, Ukraine 61
Turkey 77, Finland 73
United States 106, Dominican Republic 71

Sept. 4

9 a.m.: Finland vs. New Zealand
11:30 a.m.: Ukraine vs. United States (ESPN2)
3:30 p.m.: Turkey vs. Dominican Republic

Group D

Aug. 30

Angola 80, South Korea 69
Slovenia 90, Australia 80
Lithuania 87, Mexico 74

Aug. 31

Australia 89, South Korea 55
Slovenia 89, Mexico 68
Lithuania 75, Angola 62

Sept. 2

Mexico 79, Angola 55
Australia 82, Lithuania 75
Slovenia 89, South Korea 72

Sept. 3

Australia 70, Mexico 62
Slovenia 93, Angola 87
Lithuania 79, South Korea 49

Sept. 4

Angola 91, Australia 83
11:30 a.m.: South Korea vs. Mexico
3:30 p.m.: Lithuania vs. Slovenia

The Elimination Bracket

After the dust settles from the group stage on Sept. 4, the first games in the Round of 16 begin on Sept. 6. While group stage games will be played across Spain in a number of cities, all games starting with the Round of 16 are played Madrid and Barcelona.

The quarterfinals will be played Sept. 9-10, while the semifinals go on Sept. 11-12. The tournament's championship game is scheduled for Sept. 14 at Barclaycard Arena in Madrid, three days after the third-place game. Here's a general look at how that schedule breaks down.

Every Team USA game will be on ESPN or ESPN2, as well as all semifinal games and select quarterfinal matches. The rest will be on ESPN3.

Round of 16

Sept. 6

TBD: Group A No. 1 vs. Group B No. 4 
TBD: Group B No. 2 vs. Group A No. 3
TBD: Group C No. 1 vs. Group D No. 4
TBD: Group D No. 2 vs. Group C No. 3

Sept. 7

TBD: Group B No. 1 vs. Group A No. 4
TBD: Group A No. 2 vs. Group B No. 3
TBD: Group D No. 1 vs. Group C No. 4
TBD: Group C No. 2 vs. Group D No. 3


Sept. 9

TBD: Group A No. 1/Group B No. 4 vs. Group B No. 2/Group A No. 3
TBD: Group C No. 1/Group D No. 4 vs. Group D No. 2/Group C No. 3

Sept. 10

TBD: Group B No. 1/Group A No. 4 vs Group A No. 2/Group B No. 3
TBD: Group D No. 1/Group C No. 4 vs. Group C No. 2/Group D No. 3


Sept. 11

3 p.m.: Semifinal 1 (ESPN)

Sept. 12

4 p.m.: Semifinal 2 (ESPN)


Sept. 13

Noon: Third Place Game (ESPN2)

Sept. 14

3 p.m.: Gold Medal Game (ESPN2)