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Thaddeus Young to be traded to Timberwolves with Anthony Bennett headed to Sixers, according to report

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The Kevin Love trade appears to have expanded as Philadelphia gets involved.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The shake-ups continue. This week has brought news that the Kevin Love trade will happen as soon as it is legally allowable (on Aug. 23), and now we learn from the Philadelphia Daily News' Bob Cooney that the 76ers are involved, too. According to the report, Anthony Bennett -- initially believed to be headed to the Timberwolves with Andrew Wiggins and a draft pick -- will go to Philadelphia while Minnesota will pick up Thaddeus Young.

Young, still just 26, would presumably fill Love's power forward slot with the young Wolves. Philadelphia apparently intends to be the worst team in the league for basketball reasons, and Young has been the Sixers' best player for some time. Bennett, the maligned 2013 No. 1 overall pick, has plenty of potential, but should be less productive than Young next season, which helps Philly's long-term aims.

Cooney suggests the Sixers might also get a pick in the deal, which would fit their GM Sam Hinkie's style.

Minnesota has been out of the playoffs for a decade, and losing Love will likely not help. But a core built around Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio and Young has potential to change the Wolves' fate soon.

UPDATE: Veteran Sixers reporter Tom Moore indicates that if the Love deal isn't a three-team swap, Philly may not be able to get Bennett right away because he won't be able to be traded along with other players again for 60 days.

Stay tuned.


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